3 Tips For Planning The Perfect Getaway To Lake Winnipesaukee

Visiting New Hampshire is a wonderful idea for a vacation if your family likes the outdoors. If you decide to plan a trip to this state, you should consider staying near Lake Winnipesaukee. This is a beautiful lake that is located by the mountains, and here are three tips to help you plan the perfect vacation to this area.

Stay at a Timeshare

While there are plenty of hotels to choose from in this area, staying in a timeshare might be a better option for your accommodations. You do not have to purchase a timeshare to take part in using one, but you will have to find one for rent.

Renting a timeshare for a week or weekend offers a great way to have a luxurious, private place to stay during your trip. This is also a great way to try out a timeshare in a certain area simply to make up your mind whether to buy in or not.

Rent Some Equipment

Because there are so many outdoor activities available at Lake Winnipesaukee, you will have the opportunity to rent a lot of different types of recreational equipment. You can decide which activities your family would enjoy most, and this could include renting:

  • Canoes
  • Bicycles
  • Jet skis
  • Kayaks
  • Boats
  • Scuba gear
  • Rock climbing equipment

In addition to these items found at places like Trexler's Marina, there are so many other activities you could also do without renting equipment, including hiking, camping, golfing, and site seeing.

Visit Popular Tourist Attractions

Once you lock in the dates for your timeshare and begin making decisions about recreational equipment rental, you may also want to make a list of some of the attractions you would like to visit in this area. Here are three of the places you may want to see while you are there:

  1. Castle in the Clouds – this unique attraction is located on the top of the Ossipee Mountain Range, and it was built in 1913. There are numerous things to do while you are visiting the castle, and this is a great site to see if you are visiting New Hampshire.
  2. Canterbury Shaker Village – this is another place you may want to visit while you are on your trip, and this village reveals what life was like living in a Shaker community.
  3. Kellerhaus – a third must-see place to visit is the Kellerhaus. This is a fun place to visit, and they sell many types of candy, ice-cream, and souvenirs.

New Hampshire is a great place to travel to during any season of the year, but it is most popular in the summer. If you are planning a trip there and need more information about activities, contact a recreational equipment rental company to learn more.