Doomsday Prepping For A Pandemic In The United States

Did the recent Ebola scare in the United States have you wondering how you might best protect your family in the event of a large scale outbreak of a contagious disease? Then you're not alone. According to Reuters, a number of doomsday preppers are also taking this matter very seriously. If you are concerned that the nation may soon be facing a pandemic, then you should follow the lead of those survivalists by taking the following steps:

Establish a Bug-out Shelter

In prepper's terms, a bug-out location is a shelter that is typically in the wilderness or a very remote area where you and your family can go in the event of a doomsday scenario. In order for the shelter to be effective, you will need to stock it well, and it should preferably be located close to a source of water. In addition, the location you choose for your bug-out shelter should be one that you can get to with relative ease but that will not be easily discoverable by unfriendlies. 

Buy Your Gear

According to New York Magazine, preppers have been stocking up on a lot of gear that they believe will either protect them from an outbreak or from dangerous intruders looking to steal their stockpiles. Here is a list of some of the supplies and gear -- most of which can be found at a military surplus store -- that these preppers have been stockpiling:

To Protect Against Disease

  • Gas masks
  • Protective body suits
  • Hand sanitizers and general sanitizing cleaners
  • Eye protection, such as goggles
  • Gloves

In addition, you should also have an accurate thermometer on hand so that you can monitor anyone in your bug-shelter who may have been exposed to a disease as well as a separate quarantine area where they can stay until the incubation period for the suspected illness has passed. 

To Protect and Outfit Your Bug-Out Shelter

In addition, savvy doomsday preppers are stocking up on the following goods -- many of which can also be found at a military surplus store:

  • An axe and/or machete
  • Knives
  • Pepper spray 
  • Guns
  • At least six month's worth of food
  • A water purification system

If you are worried that a pandemic in the United States is inevitable, then you should imitate doomsday preppers and start stockpiling your supplies now. Unfortunately, if you wait until the last minute to buy your gear, you could find the shelves empty of the supplies you need.