3 Sports Suitable For Young Children

Getting a young child more active isn't hard to do, but convincing them to stay involved in a single activity is. Sports can help a child learn self esteem, discipline, and can help them burn off all their extra energy, but not every sport is suitable for young kids with a limited attention span. Learn 3 sports that even your young child can enjoy doing for hours on end.


Tumbling is similar to gymnastics, but focuses mainly on strength exercises and floor routine training. Tumbling is an excellent sport for young kids to try because it always introduces youngsters to something new. Unlike more structured sports, such as T-ball or soccer, tumbling classes at facilities like Gym Land offer new training every single day. One day your child can learn how to do a cartwheel, and weeks later be working on round offs and back tucks. If your child has ever expressed any interest in doing back flips off their bed, then tumbling may be the perfect sport to teach them physical discipline and give them an activity to look forward to.


Many people don't think of swimming as a sport, but this fun activity is much more than splashing in the water or lounging on the deck. If your child is a water puppy, consider putting them in a competitive swim league. Even young children can learn how to swim laps and perfect their butterfly stroke, and the water exercises are wonderful for burning excess energy. Since your child is limited to the pool in order to play, you can also worry less about them getting distracted or bored while in the water.


Dance is another sport that people often don't think of as anything more than just recreational fun. Dance teaches children how to overcome stage fright, focusing skills, and gives them a sense of accomplishment when they learn a new routine. Popular dance styles for young kids include:

  • hip hop
  • ballet
  • tap
  • modern dance

If your child loves to sing and dance or show off to family and friends, enrolling them in a dance program may be just the thing they need to thrive. Dance can be fun for kids of all ages as they learn how to express themselves in whole new ways.

These sports are great to do either on a regular basis or just for fun every now and then. All 3 of these sports can help teach your child how to apply their natural talents and socialize them effectively, all while keeping them entertained in ways no other sport can do.