3 Ways To Take An Adventurous Vacation

If you work all week sitting at a desk or other type of sedentary work, you need to take an adventurous vacation. This gets you out of your house and doing something more exciting. You will come home refreshed and ready for another week at work.

Inflatable Boat

An inflatable boat can work on fresh water or salt water, as well as for sports, such as water skiing. If you have never water skied before, this is even more adventurous for you. Take water skiing lessons, or find lessons online. You can also purchase an inflatable sailboat if you want to go sailing for the weekend.

When purchasing this type of boat, make sure the material is durable, such as polyester fabric, and then coated with PVC.

What makes it durable is the PVC coating. This depends on if the coating is calendared, which means it is brushed on both the top and bottom layer, or laminated, which is three layers of PVC coating on the outer, inside, and middle of the fabric. Both of these types are durable, but the calendaring process is the most durable.


Take a trip to Colorado or other area where you can find mountains, and go rock climbing, skiing, etc. If you have never been rock climbing before, you can find mountain schools that will teach you. They will show you how to use the right equipment and let you practice on smaller mountains. If you have never skied before, there are instructors at the ski resorts to show you how.

There are many places you can rock climb. A popular place is areas close to Colorado Springs and the Grand Lake National Park. Visit a visitor's center in this state and ask about the best places to go.

Your City

If you do not want to travel, you can have an adventure where you live. Visit areas of the closest city that you have never visited before. If there are tourist attractions near you, act like you are a tourist and visit them.

Go to parks in your area and walk the trails. Research before you set out, and you may be surprised to find trails that you never knew existed. Spend the week there, bring along a tent, and camp out.

Because you cannot likely take a full week's vacation each month, plan weekend outings like this every couple of weeks. This will keep you and the whole family active while having fun. For more fun ideas, contact a company like Adventures In Climbing.