Archery: Healthy And Entertaining

Archery always has a romantic aura, bringing to mind Robin Hood or other fictional heroes. In truth, archery is a competitive sport that a variety of people can embrace. Once you invest in the proper equipment, all you need is the determination to improve and a place to practice. Most importantly, the sport doesn't just enhance your enjoyment; it also improves your health.


Using a bow properly involves a high level of physicality. When you draw back the bowstring, you are activating several muscle  groups. You are "lighting up" muscles in your shoulders, back, chest and arms every time aim the arrow. Over the course of training and competition, the repetition of this action gives you increased upper body strength and a buff look. You can certainly develop a nice set of guns.

Hand-Eye Coordination

If you suffer from a lack of hand-eye coordination, then archery may be a way to improve in that department. All the adjustments to the bowstring and the angle of the bow require that your eyes and hands cooperate. Improving your hand-eye coordination can help you learn better and improve your social skills. This connection is why working with toddlers' hand-eye coordination is so important. 


Archery competitions require that participants walk up to five miles, going from target to target. These are short walks punctuated with shooting, but the exercise still helps with heart health and muscle tone. 

Mental Benefits

If you have difficulty focusing on tasks, archery can help. To be successful, you have to learn to "be in the moment" and block out distractions. Archery can also be terrific for your confidence. Since archery is an individual sport, children and adults who may not excel at football, basketball, or other team endeavors may be champs at archery. Also, those who are in wheelchairs or have some other mobility problem may be able to practice archery, giving them more faith in their abilities. It also offers a social aspect. You will meet more archery enthusiasts and expand your social circle. 

The mark of a superior sport is its ability to improve you while you become more adept at it. Archery is one of those sports that makes you both mentally and physically healthier while providing hours of enjoyment. To improve at archery, all you need is the proper motivation and practice. For more information about archery, visit or a similar website.