Storing Your Boat At Home? How To Protect It From Theft

Even though storing your boat in a marina can be ideal in some situations, there are situations when it's better to keep it at home. You can save on marina storage fees, for example, and you can have your boat close by so that you can put it on the trailer, hook it up to your truck and hit the road anytime that you want, rather than taking your boat into the same waters each time that you use it. One thing that you might be concerned about is your boat being stolen, however; but following these tips can help.

Take it Off of the Trailer

You want to make it as difficult as possible for someone to pull up and steal your boat, and step one is to take your boat off of the trailer when you aren't planning on using it. Someone could pull right up in your yard, hook your trailer up to their truck and leave with both your trailer and your boat if you aren't careful, but removing your truck from the trailer can make it that much more difficult to steal.

Install an Alarm System

If you haven't already installed an alarm system on your boat, now is the time to do so. If a loud alarm sounds when someone attempts to tamper with your vessel, it could be enough to scare them away and cause them to leave your boat alone. This is a great protective measure both in a marina and at home, but when your boat is at home, there is a good chance that either you or a neighbor will hear it if the alarm goes off.

Park it Within View

To help prevent your boat from being stolen, consider parking it in an area of your yard where you can easily look out the window and see it. This can be enough to deter a thief and can provide you with peace of mind, too.

Install Motion Lights

Depending on where your boat is parked, consider installing motion lights nearby. For example, if you are planning on storing your boat on one side of your home, consider installing a motion light on this side of the house. If the light flashes on when someone goes near your boat, it can be enough to both frighten the potential thief and alert you or someone in the house or surrounding area of what is going on.

Add to Your Homeowners Insurance

In case your boat does get stolen, you will want it to be protected. Consider contacting your homeowners insurance company to find out more about adding your boat to your policy. Then, if it's stolen -- or even if it's damaged by a storm -- your policy should cover it.

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