Renting A Bounce House For A Party? Here's What You Need To Know

Take a plain boring birthday party for your child and add the one simple change of a bounce house to see the dull event become one of the most memorable occasions for your child. Kids absolutely love bounce houses, and they can definitely make planning the birthday parties an absolute breeze. However, having a bounce house at a child's birthday party also comes with a few risks if you do not follow the safety precautions recommended by the rental company. Here are a few things you should know before you rent a bounce house so you can ensure the only thing that happens is a good time for all in attendance.

The bounce house must be supervised at all times. 

The number one rule to bounce house rental is to ensure the playhouse is constantly supervised by an adult. Having someone posted at the entrance will help to ensure the bounce house does not get overcrowded and everyone is following the rules about taking off their shoes and entering in the proper manner besides just diving inside. But, having an adult present is also important to ensure safety inside while everyone plays.

Make sure to group kids according to age when they play in a bounce house. 

If you have kids of multiple age groups at the birthday party, it is best not to allow big kids and little kids inside the bounce house at the same time. Smaller children may be tossed about inside while the bigger children bounce because of the weight difference between the groups.

Don't allow anyone to climb on the outside of the bounce house.

Climbing around on the outside of the bounce house will be an attractive thing to some kids who want to peer inside at others bouncing, but this is a safety concern. Not only is the exterior of the bounce house not suitable for climbing because it is easy for a child to slip and fall, if someone inside bounces against an exterior wall, it can be enough force to send a small child flying off the side. 

Do not use the bounce house during periods of high wind. 

Even though the bounce house will be anchored into the ground with stakes when it is delivered and set up on your property, high winds can still be an issue. If the wind picks up at your outdoor party, it is best to have all children exit the bounce house promptly until the wind is gone. 

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