Kickin' It: How Kickboxing Does So Much More Than Teach You Self-Defense

When people decide that they want to learn kickboxing, they probably have the idea in mind that they are learning a self-defense sport. While it is true that kickboxing can help you with self-defense, kickboxing can actually do so much more than teach you how to protect yourself. In fact, it works to accomplish all of the following, which you may discover as side benefits to learning this sport.

Kicking a Drug or Alcohol Habit

When you are trying to kick a drug or alcohol habit, kickboxing can help you kick the habit. Anytime you have have a craving or want to do your drug of choice, go to a kickboxing dojo instead. Kick-box the daylights out of a bag until you are too tired and too happy to even think about drugs and alcohol. While you are there, you may find someone to talk to who will keep your mind off of your drug of choice and keep you focused on this martial art form.

Managing Anger 

Extreme anger leads you to hurt others, lash out, and destroy property intentionally. While cognitive behavioral therapy can help with how you look at different situations and personal triggers, the kickboxing can help you take your aggression out on a nearly indestructible object in a very healthy way. It is a good way to allow yourself some latitude to get angry about some things without going overboard.

Managing Stress 

Stress is closely related to anger, so it may be that you have both of these issues to work out. Either way, kickboxing lets you get rid of some of that stress and think more clearly. You can meditate before or after your kickboxing routine, and then you will be able to formulate a plan of action around what is causing you the most stress. You already know that exercise reduces stress, so what are you waiting for?

Managing Depression 

You can even manage depression with kickboxing. People who are depressed and work out report a higher sense of self and self-worth and a dramatically better mood. In fact, people with dysthymia report such a dramatic change in mood after exercise that they find they can manage their low-grade depression with exercise alone. Kickboxing certainly affects other people with depression in a positive way too. You can kick apathy, sadness, moodiness, and self-deprecation to the curb when you decide to take up kickboxing for health, well-being, and physical fitness.

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