3 Cool Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend If She's Into Mountain Biking

If you're girlfriend loves to go mountain biking, then you have a great idea about what types of things to get her for Christmas. People who love to hit the trails with their bikes are always looking for new gear. Their bikes need it because of all of the punishing riding, and riders like new stuff because it is always fun to add stuff to their ride (be it on-board gear, or clothing, or safety equipment). Below is a list of 3 cool ideas. The boring stuff (wrench sets, extra tubes, etc…) will be skipped, since it doesn't make for the most exciting gift for her to open on Christmas.

New Helmet

This one is both a cool gift (you can pick out a really stylish one she will love) as well as thoughtful. She might be riding around with an older helmet, and that is really dangerous. Even if she hasn't had a crash, if the helmet is more than a few years old, it should be replaced. A good guideline is any helmet that is 5 years old needs to be tossed and a new one should be brought. The reason is that adhesives break down and weaken the helmet. Also, the constant wear and tear of putting it on and off, dropping it on the floor, even the natural oils in her hair can cause the material (foam, plastics) to break down. So a new helmet is an awesome idea.

Waterproof Biking Gloves

If she likes to ride in all sorts of weather, then a good pair of waterproof gloves is a definite winner. She will love that her hands won't get cold or slip off the handle bars. The gloves also prevent calluses. Make sure to get a pair that are designed for biking. You want her to have maximum feel and be able to grab the brake on a second's notice. Biking gloves are thinner than work gloves, so don't just get some heavy work gloves; they are not appropriate.

A New Bicycle Seat

If you really want to make her happy, find the best seat for women's mountain bikes. You want one that is made of a soft material on top (something that has a gel filler) and a durable bottom. This will keep her stable and also super comfortable. Make sure you are getting a bike seat designed for women's mountain bikes. She is not riding a touring bike or a racing bike, so you don't want one of those. She will want something big enough to be comfortable, soft enough to be good for long rides, yet stable enough so that she doesn't fly off when she hits a big jump in the trail. Contact a company like RideOut Technologies to learn more.