Single Women - How To Choose A Self-Defense Gun

Violent crimes occur every day against women. Every 90 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted in America. If you are a single woman living in the city, then you may feel the need to buy a gun. There is nothing wrong with owning a gun to defend yourself and your home.

It is important to explore laws in your local community. You need to fully understand your rights as a gun owner. It is also important to find out how the use of lethal deadly force is handled on a state and local level. Read on to find out how to choose a self-defense gun.

What Type Of Gun To Buy?

It is common for a woman's first gun to be for self-defense. If you are making your first purchase, then you may have a question about what to buy. Good choices for a self-defense gun are a shotgun or handgun. A shotgun is a very effective at defending your home, but you must be physically able to handle one. Shotguns are large and heavy. If you cannot handle a shotgun, then you can go with large caliber handgun.

When a woman is attacked, the attacker is usually in her personal space. You want a firearm that can shoot from short distance. If you are looking for that type of firepower, then you want a large caliber firearm that shoots .45 Colt ammunition or .410 shotgun shells.

Allows You To Take Refuge

A shot gun allows you to take refuge when your home is being attacked. This protection comes in handy during a home invasion. A Georgia restaurant owner was staying at a friend house when three intruders kicked down the door. She came out the bedroom firing a semi-automatic pistol. One of the intruders ended up dead, but the other two got away. If she did not have a firearm, then she may have ended up hurt.

Choosing Ammunition

Buying a firearm takes time and it is a complicated process. It helps to not underestimate how much should go into choosing gun ammo. The stopping power of the bullet is very important when choosing self-defense ammunition. Copper jacketed bullets are an option. They penetrate the target, do not expand, and are made of a hard metal. You have a variety of options when it comes to ammunition. It depends on the type of firearm and how it is being used when making a choice.

Training is the best way to learn how to shoot and to become knowledgeable about guns.  Becoming a gun owner is a very important responsibility. Contact a company like Shawano Shooters Supplies to learn more about your options and any licensing requirements.