What To Look For In A Leotard For Your Little One

Whether you have a young child getting ready for dance, gymnastics, or another sport that requires special attire, looking for a leotard is not always as easy as it sounds. Fit, style, and comfort all come into play when selecting the right gear so your young one feels confident and ready to practice. Here are things to look for in a leotard; the ones for gymnastics often fit the requirements for other sports as well.


A leotard should fit comfortably and not pull at the neck, shoulders, or crotch area. You want to buy a leotard that fits your child currently, not one that is slightly too big, or else you'll have too much movement in the attire and your little one will spend much of their time trying to rearrange their gear. A leotard should not squeeze around the upper legs and should have enough stretch when your young one raises their arms.

To best ensure a proper fit, make sure your child tries on any leotard before you buy it. Since every brand and style of leotard is different, buying one straight off the rack is not recommended.


If your child is just starting out with their practice, a basic leotard without sequins or added designs is best. Too much detail can cause chafing or make the attire uncomfortable or feel constricting. Choose a material of spandex or other stretchy lining that will wick away moisture and allow for ample movement without causing skin irritation.

Your child's instructor can give you advice for buying a leotard, especially if they have a specific brand or style they prefer for their students. If you prefer to buy your own style of leotard, stick to the dress guidelines provided by your child's instructor or coach.


Your young one may want a leotard that has an open back for greater comfort and movement. Or your child may prefer a high-neck leotard for greater coverage. Comfort can also be found in material; often, leotards are made of polyester and other stretchy materials to make them easier to move in. Some leotards feature a boy-short bottom for greater coverage, although some gymnasts in particular prefer a higher thigh slit for easier movement.

Your child will be able to practice and perform with ease when you buy the right leotard. Since you'll be replacing their leotards as they grow out of them, make sure to find a style and fit your child really enjoys.