Tips For Using Cannabis On A Hiking Trip

One of the nice things about beginning to use cannabis recreationally after it has become legal in your state is that you can find a multitude of activities that are conducive to it. If you're someone who enjoys the outdoors, with hiking being a particular favorite, it can be enjoyable to incorporate cannabis into some of your hiking outings. Doing so can be pleasurable for a number of reasons. Many people use cannabis to enhance their sensory experiences, for example, and being in a beautiful natural area may seem even more impressive when you're consuming cannabis. Here are some tips for using cannabis on a hiking trip. 

Pack It Carefully

You don't necessarily want to consume cannabis at the start of your hiking excursion. There's nothing wrong with doing so, but if you prefer the idea of hiking for a bit and then stopping to enjoy some cannabis, you'll want to keep your product in your hiking pack. Make sure that you consider the optimal usage and then pack it carefully. For example, smoking or taking an edible is more travel-friendly than smoking from a glass pipe. Placing the cannabis is a sealed container so that it stays protected in the event of a leak of your water bottle will be important.

Have A Plan

You should give some careful consideration not only to how you'll pack your cannabis for your hiking excursion but also about the circumstances surrounding its use. One option is to plan your route out and look for a suitable place to stop and partake. For example, if there's a picnic area partway along the route, this might be an optimal place to take a short break, relax for a bit, and consume some cannabis.

Keep Safety In Mind

You always want to be mindful of safety while you're using cannabis, and this is especially true when you're in an environment that can be unpredictable, such as a hiking trail. Different strains of cannabis can cause users to experience different feelings. As such, it's a good idea to stick with a strain that you're familiar with when you take cannabis on your hike. Some people will occasionally report hallucinations to some degree while using cannabis, and being in an unfamiliar space if you were to encounter this reaction could be unsettling. A local recreational cannabis dispensary can give you some advice on what strains might be best for your hike.