Prepare For An Overnight Fishing Charter Trip

An overnight fishing charter will provide ample time to catch fish and observe them in their natural habitat. If you are planning the first extended trip that you have ever gone on, familiarize yourself with a charter's layout and pack some essentials that you may need during the outing.

The Boat Layout And Sleeping Quarters

A fishing charter boat may contain interior cabins where charter members will be assigned to sleep. If the charter is going to accommodate fishermen/women who do not know each other, there may be limited sleep space that will require multiple charter members to bunk together.

The boat may be anchored during the evening. In spite of this, there may be some movement within the boat, due to the choppiness of the water. Reserving a bottom bunk may supply your best chance to get a restful sleep. Pack earplugs, an alarm clock, and comfortable clothing that you can wear while resting.

Gear Placement

If you do not have it adequately stowed away on the boat, crashing waves will leave your fishing gear exposed. A large charter may feature lockers that charter members can use. If not, you should consider bringing along a waterproof tote bag to store everything.

The bag will keep your items confined, to prevent them from shifting around while the boat encounters rough waters. Place the bag on the deck or on the flooring that is in the room where you will be sleeping. Label all of your gear with your name and contact information. In the event that your bag becomes lost or you misplace some of your items, you will have a good chance of recovering your belongings.

Clothing And Other Essentials

Weather patterns can change quickly and necessitate that you wear varying types of clothing. Pack clothes that can be worn during the day and alternate items that you can wear at night. Include a hooded jacket. This will keep you dry, in the event that it rains during the charter trip. Bug spray may come in handy if you plan on doing some night fishing.

A flashlight is another item that could make your overnight trip more satisfying. If there isn't a lot of lighting on the charter boat, the flashlight may be needed when you are packing up your gear at the end of a nighttime fishing stint. An overnight fishing trip may include meals and beverages. Find out if this is the case and pack food and drinks, if you will need to furnish your own rations. 

For more information, contact a local fishing charter company.