Gifts To Give The Midwestern Ocean Enthusiast

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. Well, for Midwesterners with no beach or coast in sight, the ocean is always bluer than it is for those who live near it. Many children and adolescents growing up in the landlocked areas in the middle of the United States grow up with a fascination for and a yearning to see and experience the oceans. If you have such a person in your life, there are a few amazing and unexpected gifts that you can give them that will blow their minds and give them an opportunity to experience a little bit of what the ocean has to offer. [Read More]

3 Sports Suitable For Young Children

Getting a young child more active isn't hard to do, but convincing them to stay involved in a single activity is. Sports can help a child learn self esteem, discipline, and can help them burn off all their extra energy, but not every sport is suitable for young kids with a limited attention span. Learn 3 sports that even your young child can enjoy doing for hours on end. Tumbling [Read More]

Doomsday Prepping For A Pandemic In The United States

Did the recent Ebola scare in the United States have you wondering how you might best protect your family in the event of a large scale outbreak of a contagious disease? Then you're not alone. According to Reuters, a number of doomsday preppers are also taking this matter very seriously. If you are concerned that the nation may soon be facing a pandemic, then you should follow the lead of those survivalists by taking the following steps: [Read More]

What Makes Pepper Spray A Great Self-Defense Tool?

The best option for pepper spray is one that's easy to use and one that keeps you protected. That means pepper spray needs to be able to hit your attacker right in the face from at least several feet away, and it needs to be potent enough to halt the attacker in his tracks. Is pepper spray really an effective tool for self-defense? Consider your options: You can either carry pepper spray on your person at all times, or carry a full-fledged weapon like a knife or gun. [Read More]